about us

At musifie, our goal is to build & support communities that celebrate music and recognise the creators of music. We believe music is for everyone, and we’re here to help you earn from your passion. Collaborate globally, reach new fans, and make a living doing what you love – creating music!

musifie is your all-in-one hub. Schedule gigs, manage your career and track your growth hassle-free. We believe music is more than just notes - it's a way for people to connect and be themselves.

Join us in building a thriving ecosystem where musicians shine, listeners discover new favourites, and service providers help everyone succeed. musifie is here to be your go-to for discovering independent music, earning from your creations and connecting through collaborations and gigs - all in one friendly place!

The musifie vision is a better world for creators & listeners of music through freedom in the discovery of music, where musicians are inspired & supported to grow their art through collaboration & mentorship

To create a thriving and sustainable ecosystem, by solving/overcoming challenges in the creation, collaboration, discovery & monetization of music

we believe in a responsible, equitable, and transparent music industry built on the foundations of diversity, commitment and integrity. Therefore, at musifie we are:

  • Discovery of music/musicians/services through improved engagement
  • Collaboration between artists and all other stakeholders in the industry
  • Future advances in the music industry
  • Economic – ensuring equitable distribution of earnings to all stakeholders
  • Social – foster representation of cultural & individual identity by connecting the world, building communities for collaboration & dissemination of music
  • Environmental – ensuring efforts to minimize impact on the environment
  • Suitably reward stakeholders for their accomplishments and endeavors
  • Create multiple avenues of monetization for all members of the community
  • Grow the industry to reflect the importance of music as a part of our world
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