Refund Policy

Thank you for being a member of musifie!

We offer cancellation of any of the membership plans and partial/full refund of any payments received within the first 30 days of your subscription to any of our plans subject to the following conditions:

Eligibility for full refunds

  • You have not availed for the usage of any of the features you have entitled to as a paid subscriber
  • If there were any offers that were attached to the membership, you have not received or utilised any of these offers. This could include the receipt of customised merchandise that may have been sent to you if you have taken delivery of these items

Partial refunds

  • Refund will be provided after deducting the cost/charges for the services availed, products taken delivery of or any such cost that has been incurred after the commencement of the subscription till the date of cancellation
  • Refund eligible will be on the basis of a monthly prorated charge after having deducted such charges, e.g. (total amount paid – charges for costs incurred)/12 months would be the monthly amount eligible to be refunded for the full months that have not been utilised

Refund for services/products offered by other members of musifie

  • All refunds/returns/exchanges of any services/products offered by other members of musifie, if any, would be governed by those individual refund policies and you are encouraged to review this before availing of these offers, services, purchases as the musifie platform or MSSPL will not be liable for any such refunds or returns

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