Echoes of Earth

Echoes of Earth: Where Music Meets Sustainability in Goa

The Echoes of Earth isn’t your typical music festival. Sure, it has amazing music from India and all over the world, but it’s also committed to protecting the environment and celebrating the beauty of nature. This eco-friendly event recently wrapped up its first edition in Goa, following several successful years in Bangalore.

Echos of Earth - A Celebration of Nature

Echoes of Earth

The Goa edition wasn’t just about concerts. The festival featured stunning art installations inspired by local wildlife, including The Kraken a giant octopus, The Big Beak a Great Indian Hornbill, and The Ghost Crab.  These weren’t just cool decorations – they were a way to connect festival-goers with the natural world.

Roshan Netalkar, the founder of Echoes of Earth, says their commitment to sustainability goes beyond music and art. They carefully choose festival locations to minimize impact on the environment and even plant a tree for every ticket sold!

Musical Performances from Around the Globe

Over 10,000 people enjoyed music from 40 Indian and international acts at the Goa festival. One highlight was Boombay Djembe Folas, a Mumbai band that mixes West African percussion with drums and guitars. They’ve even shared the stage with legendary Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu!

Another crowd-pleaser was the Indonesian group Batavia Collective. This energetic trio blends jazz, electronica, and funk to create a unique and powerful sound. They started by jamming together for fun and ended up becoming a successful touring band! If you’re looking for something similar to happen to you, check out musifie. Who knows, you just might find yourself forming a band with the right people.

Eight Years of Greener Music Festivals

This wasn’t Echoes of Earth’s first rodeo. Over the past eight years, they’ve hosted six festivals in Bangalore, featuring over 400 artists from all kinds of musical backgrounds. Each festival also showcases unique art installations that celebrate Indian wildlife.

A Sustainable Future for Music Festivals

Here’s the most impressive part: the Goa edition of Echoes of Earth diverted a whopping 2,309 kilograms of waste away from landfills!  They achieved this through careful planning and responsible waste management practices.

Goa’s Director of Tourism, Suneel Anchipaka, sees Echoes of Earth as a valuable addition to the state’s event calendar.  The festival’s focus on music, education, and environmental responsibility makes it a unique and positive experience for everyone involved.

Echoes of Earth is more than just a music festival. It’s a celebration of music, art, and nature, all brought together with a deep respect for the environment. If you’re looking for a music festival with a conscience, Echoes of Earth is definitely worth checking out!

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